Photobook 28 x19 cm in A4 landscape format

The professional panorama photobook

Panoramic images with a width up to 56 cm

This photobook fulfills almost every wish. Panoramic images can be stretched out on a double-page spread with a width of 56 cm. With the panorama binding technique there is no disturbing fold in the middle. There is also enough space for photos in portrait format. With the help of the layout suggestions, you can simply place the photos beside each other or create a collage. No photos will be too small here. Just try it out!

Lots of space for lots of photos

The size of this photobook is amazing: 28.3 x 19.3 cm is the exact size, which correspond to the A4 format. Not only do you have space, but also the choice of the number of pages (26-120). It is available with a hardcover in SoftTouch finish, in semi matte or high gloss.

Three additional sizes in landscape format

If this photobook is too large for you, we also have two other sizes in store: photobook 13 x 10 cm and photobook 16 x 12 cm. They are also in landscape format and are only a few centimeters smaller. The softcover offers you 30 customizable pages. If you need more space for larger panoramic images, then our photobook expert in 42 x 28 cm is the right one for you, which is our A3 landscape. You are not limited to only choose the number of pages (26-74), but also stretch out panoramic images with a maximum width of 84 cm. You can find an overview of all photobooks available.

Two separate formats

If you want to be flexible, you can choose our square photobooks. You can choose from three different sizes, between hardcover or softcover, and semi matte and high gloss. Photobooks in portrait format are perfect for images in the same format, such as those of modern architecture. Again, you can deside for yourself which size and finish to use.

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