An overview of all photobook formats

Which format is the most suitable for my photos?

You will always encounter this problem before starting with the design. According to the format and quantity of your photos, you can only find the answer by trying out different possibilities. We provide ten different sizes as well as a selection between hardcover and softcover, and between semimatte and high gloss. Depending on the size, the page count can reach up to 120 pages.

The accurate sizes of all photobooks as well as more information on PDF upload can be found in our professional zone.

The photobook in portrait format

Photobook in portrait format

This photobook is suited for photos in the same format, especially architectural photography. With the help of the software, you can easily design the layout and enhance the effect of the images. Depending on the size, you can choose between hardcover and softcover as well as between semimatte and high gloss.

Learn more about the three different sizes:

The square photobook has three different sizes.

The square photobook

The format is flexible and versatile, as it is suited for photos in both landscape and portrait format. You can freely place your photos and try out different combinations. The small size is especially popular as a mini wedding book.

There are three different sizes, and the total page count can reach 120 pages.

The photobook in landscape format with four different sizes.

Photobook in landscape format

This photobook is especially suited for panoramic images as well as family photos. The design can be easily done with the help of our free software.

This format has four different sizes for you to choose: