Photobook in high-end quality

The different finishes for your photobook

The image cover of our hardcover photobooks are photographically printed, available in glossy or matte finish. In addition, we also provide leatherette cover with different colours, which makes the photobook more elegant. Discover now their differences and find out the one best for you. Fascinating highlight: your can personlize the text on the leatherette cover.

The spreads of the photobooks are also photographically printed, available in glossy or matte finish. Learn more about the features of both finishes and select one most suitable for you. On the page photobook prices you can find an overview of the prices for all sizes and finishes.

Enhance your photobook with the leatherette cover and individualized text

Stylish presentation in five different colours

Refinish your photo book with a cover in noble leather optics and the absolute highlight: the individual inscription possibility, which gives your photo book a unique quality. Not only is the visual appeal great, but also the haptics of the fine and soft structure of the leatherette is convincing. A stylish, individual and elegant presentation of your photo book.

The highlight of the leatherette cover: personalized text

In the software, you can personalize the text on the cover by selecting your favorite font and color. The font size and position of the text are also completely up to you.

The leather cover for the photobook is available in five different colors: sapphire black, cognac, cream, white and titanium.

These leatherette colours are available: Sapphire Black, Cognac, White, Cream and Titanium.

The glossy or matte image cover

The decision on the right finish is as crucial as the selection of images.
The quality and durability of a finish play an important role.

Photobook hardcover in glossy or matte finish

Photobook with glossy cover

The glossy finish is perfect for dark pictures, as it reaches a very high color depth. The glossy effect is enhanced through a special lacquer. The characteristic of a glossy finish is its mirror-like reflection on the surface.

Photobook with matte cover

The matte cover is featured with the SoftTouch cover lacquer, which reduces reflections on the surface. Its softness can not only be seen, but also felt. Please note that the matte cover is not suited for dark photos due to the wrinkles in the joint space between the cover and the spine, caused by the frequent turning of the cover.

The spreads with authentic photographic paper

The photobooks are photographically printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Album Paper.
The spreads are adhered to each other on the back side, and are thick and stable.

Photobook spread in glossy or matte finish

Photobook with glossy spreads

The glossy photographic paper makes high-quality prints possible. This finish is perfect for bright and colourful images. Depending on the storage, it can last 200 years with the natural UV protection.

  • fascinating glossy effect
  • bright and vivid colours
  • breathtaking depth effect

Photobook with matte spreads

The matte finish has a subtle and even structure. Compared to the modern look of the glossy finish, the matte finish is elegant and classic. Fingerprints and reflections are barely visible on the matte surface.

  • elegant impresson
  • ideal color rendering
  • no fingerprints

Innovative Haptics: The photobook XT (extra thick)

The photobook XT impresses with extra strong sides in combination with the tried and tested panorama binding. In contrast to the classic photobook, the sides are reinforced by a cardborad material and thus have a weight of 600 g/m². The photo book XT is available with up to 36 pages

Macht Eindruck: Das Fotobuch XT

Can it be more perfect?

Make your photobook more perfect by selecting the padding option.
The additional 3mm wadding layer under the cover makes the photobook even softer and more valuable.