Saal Photobooks - How They Compare

Enormous advantages in quality!

Photographic paper – everlasting and great!

The high-quality photographic paper from Fuji is well protected from UV rays, resisting damage caused by sunlight. As a result, the Saal photobook has a life expectancy of 200 years. Through the digital exposure, the colours are real and continuous instead of being reproduced by a mixture of halftone dots.

Conventional press prints

No press prints can compare with the life expectancy of real photographs. The colours on press prints fade away after a relatively short period of time. They are mixed by different intensive dots containing primary colours. In other words, in order to achieve the right colours in the end, you have to keep a sufficient distance from the paper.

Compare Saal photobooks with other conventional photobooks

The layflat binding from Saal Digital

At Saal Digital, the two facing pages are printed photographically as one spread. With our special binding technique the photobook lies extremely flat. There is neither a disturbing fold nor misalignment in the middle of the book – large photos can be perfectly displayed across the spreads.

Conventional binding of other providers

All of the pages in this printed photobook are bound together in the middle and do not lie flat. The elements in the middle will be missing in the end as a result. Moreover, the misalignment of the two facing pages cannot be avoided.

The Saal photobook without a logo

Saal Digital has done away with the use of a company logo. The photobook has a premium appearance without any logo. For resellers it is also important to provide the customers with neutral photobooks or those with their own logos, while presenting the photobooks as their own products.

Photobook of other provider with logo

with logo print

Typically, photobooks will be produced with the logo of the producer. For resellers, there is always the risk to lose customers to the manufacturers of their products. Moreover, the images are also affected by the disturbing logo print.

Your photobook is ready for delivery in 1-2 business days

You can order your photobook as soon as you are finished with the design. It will be ready for delivery in only 1-2 business days and will be in your hands after a short time. You can find our up-to-date delivery time of each photo product anytime online.

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