Photobook 13 x 10 in landscape format

The wonderful portable photobook

The portable photobook in landscape format

Are you not familiar with this, too?

The photos of the last vacation or family celebration lie unsorted in the drawer due to lack of time. You have to print the photos first, then buy an album and then have to put every photo together with a massive amount of time and effort. After a certain period of time, you notice that the corners of the photos start to get loose and the initial problem has not been solved at all. The cost increases along with the amount of effort!

The solution: the portable photobook

The portable photobook is the best solution. It is available with a softcover containing 30 pages. With its compact size, 13.3 x 10 cm, it fits in any handbag and can be taken with you everywhere you go. Instead of carrying the oversized photo album to your friends or relatives, you can now create the photobook individually in an instant.



You are the designer of your photobook

The free software provides you the possibility to design your photobook as you desire. Let your creative juices flow: You can choose from a wide variety of backgrounds, colours, patterns as well as texts and cliparts. No two photobooks must be the same! Simply download the photobook software!

Get to know the other formats

Do you want to design your photobook freely with photos in both landscape and portrait formats? Then have a look at our square photobooks. Here it is about flexiblity - you can choose from three different sizes, between hardcover and softcover, and semi matte and high gloss. Photobooks in portrait format are perfect for images in the same format, such as those of modern architecture. Again, you can decide for yourself which size and finish to use.

Three other sizes in landscape format

The photobook 16 x 12 is also available as a softcover with 30 pages, while our panorama photobook 28 x 19 provides you with more space. It is available with a hardcover in matte or glossy. The number of pages (26 - 120) can be individually adjusted. Our photobook expert in 42 x 28 has an ample amount of space for each photo. Place your photos over double-page spreads with a width of 84 cm. Again, you can adjust the number of pages (26 - 74) according to your own needs. Here is an overview of all the photobooks available.

Photobook in landscape format


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