High Quality Photobook Covers

A variety of finishes for your photobook

Discover the different ways to enhance the appearance of your photobook. From the cover to the pages.

Enhance your photobook with a premium cover and individualized text

Finish your photobook with the leather cover in sapphire black, cognac, cream or titanium.

Individual, Stylish Presentation

Enhance your photobook with a special cover giving it a stylish look and the absolute highlight: the individual text option, which makes your high-quality photobook especially unique. Not only visually appealing, but the feel of the fine and soft structure is unbelievable. A stylish, individual and elegant presentation of your photobook.

The Crown of the Cover: Personalized Labeling

An amazing highlight is the labeling of your special cover where your text can be printed. While using the Saal Design software, you can choose from a wide range of possibilities to determine your favourite text. Options range from the choice of the font to the colour and size to give your photobook a most personal touch.

An attention grabber with great effects: The linen cover photobook

The photo book is available with a linen cover and can be printed with cliparts and text boxes.

Our linen cover gives your photobook a particularly high-quality appearance! The fine fabric structure of this exclusive cover ensures a surprisingly great feel and is also good for your bookshelves. The 100% cotton cover can be designed with text boxes and cliparts to accomodate your wishes. Due to the bright and cheerful colors, this cover offers the images in your book a particularly appealing structure.

Glossy or Matte Cover

The photobook is optionally available with a cover in gloss or in matte. The pages may contain a different surface.

Design It Yourself

Discover the various possibilities in the software and enjoy maximum design freedom. Create your personal cover and focus on your work. The cover is available with a matte or glossy finish.


Glossy: Impressively high color depths as well as a special luster effect can be achieved with the shiny surface. 
Matte: The matte surface is astonishing with the special SoftTouch lamination and provides a soft and velvety character.

The Pages of your Photobook

Regardless of the cover, the inside can also be on a matte or a glossy surface.

Photobook with glossy spreads

With this surface, high-quality results are achieved. It is particularly suitable for bright and colourful images.

  • fascinating glossy effect
  • bright and vivid colours
  • breathtaking depth effect

Photobook with matte spreads

The silky smooth surface of the interior with a fine, but even, texture leaves a very high quality and elegant impression on the viewer. Due to the matte paper, hardly any fingerprints or reflections are visible.

  • elegant impression
  • ideal colour rendering
  • no fingerprints