Create your individual confirmation cards

Design your own cards with the Saal Design Software

Unique invitation cards for the confirmation of your child. Let your child participate in the designing of the invitation as well.

Invitation cards confirmation

The confirmation is coming

It is time that you invite family and friends to the special day of your child. Do not forget to deliver the message on time.

Create the invitation cards according to your own imagination. Let your child also participate and select together the proper colours, backgrounds and add some photos and an individual invitation message.

We also provide thank you cards as well as menu and place cards. In the software you can find different design possibilities available. 

Design the invitation cards now with the software

Thank you cards confirmation

A thank you card as a sign of appreciation

The confirmation celebration is over, but the beautiful memories of the day and the nice gifts from the guests remain. Send your guests a thank you card as a sign of appreciation.

Select a special design for your thank you cards and add a group photo taken during the confirmation. The guests will be glad to receive your appreciation. The card remains a wonderful souvenir for the special day.

Design thank you cards now with the software

Create confirmation cards yourself

Free sample for your confirmation cards

Find out how your cards look like

The different formats

Find out the best format for you

The paper kinds of photo cards

Find out the best paper for your cards

Paper "Classic"


Paper "Classic"

The paper „Classic" with 300 g/m² features a highly smooth and white surface. The colours are bright, natural and vivid on the paper.

Available as: cards, folded cards (left-right, up-down)

Paper "Structured"


Paper "Structured"

The paper „Structured“ with 300g/m² has a special touch and can be easily recognized. The colours are brilliant, natural and vivid on the paper.

Available as: cards, folded cards (left-right, up-down)

Paper "Pearl"


Paper "Pearl"

The paper „Pearl“ renders a very elegant appearance, featuring an intensive radiant surface. The colours are bright, natural and vivid on the paper.

Available as: cards, folded cards (left-right, up-down)

Envelope "Classic"

Envelope "Classic"

The envelope is made of paper „Classic“ with 120 g/m², which features a modern, and highly smooth and white surface.

Available for all sizes

Envelope "Pearl"

Envelope "Pearl"

The envelope „Pearl“ is perfect for the cards made of the same paper. It renders bright colours and leaves an elegant impression

Available for all sizes

Vielfältige Möglichkeiten Konfirmationskarten oder Kommunionskarten zu gestalten mit der Saal Design Software. Viele Designvorlagen zur Auswahl.

The powerful and versatile software

Quick download. Ready for design immediately.

Only 8.1 MB for Mac. Only 6.6 MB for Windows.

Download the Saal Design Software for free and create your unique photo cards.

Our templates of photo cards help you with your design. Colours and fonts can be easily adjusted according to your taste. Add your favorite photos and discover our fascinating filters and effects. Just try it out!