Lots of space for your ideas with our double folded cards

With a total of 6 customizable pages

Order the double folded cards with envelopes, available with classic and pearl paper. The example shows the design template "Curlicues".

Free Sample

Get a good impression of your designed card with a free pre-order sample.

Custom Quantity

No minimum order quantity. The amount is completely up to you.

No logo of Saal Digital on our products

6-Colour Printing

Special colour brilliance in natural colour quality 6-colour printing.

No Barcode

Saal Digital does not use barcodes. You will receive a completely neutral photo product.

In the double folded cards there is adequate space for your photos and messages. The example shows the design template "Love birds wedding", which is available for all types of cards.

Give enough room for your ideas

Compared to the other types of cards, our double folded cards have more space for your design. All the six sides can be designed. Die Doppelklappkarten bieten im Gegensatz zu allen anderen Karten noch mehr Platz für Ihre Gestaltung: Platzieren Sie Ihre Bilder und Ihre ganz persönliche Botschaft an den Empfänger der Karte auf insgesamt sechs gestaltbaren Seiten.

There are three different types of paper and two different sizes available. The design is completely up to you. You can select your favorite template from the software, or make your own design from scratch.

An overview

  • available in 10 x 15 cm and 14 x 14 cm
  • three different types of paper: classic, pearl, structured
  • all six sides can be designed
  • envelope available if needed
  • free sample available
Bright white and matte finish

Paper "classic"

The "classic" paper has a smooth and bright white finish with a weight of 300 g/m².  Our special high quality printing brings about bright and natural colours.

Structured cards

Paper "structured"

This paper has a unique surface structure with a weight of 300g/m². This special touch makes your cards even more outstanding. Our special high quality printing provides for bright and natural colours.

Pearly lustre adds special value to the quality of the cards

Paper "pearl"

The main characteristic of this paper is its pearly lustre, which adds special value to the quality of the cards. Our special printing brings about bright and natural colors.

Select the size and finish you need. The design is completely up to you. You can choose your favorite design template from the software, or simply make your own design from scratch.

Your double folded cards

The double folded cards are available in two different sizes. There is no minimum order quantity. You can simply order the amount you need. In addition, you can choose from three different types of paper. Envelopes are also available if needed.

We provide white lable products, in other words, there is no barcode or logo on the cards. In this way, you can have more space for your unique design and do not need to worry that your design elements will be affected.

Your designs

Select one of the templates available or make your own design from scratch. With the help of the various functions in the software, you can easily turn your imagination into reality.

In the design software you can find different fonts, cliparts as well as filters and effects. You can also add a background or frames to your photos. In this way, your design will be absolutely individual and unique.