Test our high quality photo booklets!

Do you like to take a lot of photographs and share your work on Facebook or Youtube with your friends and fans? Then test our photo booklet and share your experiences openly and honestly.


To give you the right amount of motivation to test them, we are providing you with a voucher for a photo booklet of your choice!

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What should I include in my application?

  • Would you like to create a test photo booklet or a portfolio?
  • Tell us something about you and what project you would like to implement.
  • Your application will automatically allow you to take part in the selection process.

What is the process after I send my application?

  • If selected, you must confirm your agreement with our terms and conditions by e-mail.
  • Next, you will receive a voucher code from us to design your photo booklet.
  • Once the photo booklet arrives, post your review describing your feelings about our service, and the product itself.

What comes out of my pocket?

  • For your testing purposes, we will provide you with a £20 voucher.
  • The voucher value is deducted from the photo booklet and the shipping costs.
  • If the order value exceeds £20, all you have to do is pay the remainder.

Photo booklet examples:

  • 10 x 15 cm (up to 48 pages)
  • 13 x 18 cm (up to 48 pages)
  • 20 x 20 cm (up to 18 pages)
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